Theodros Zelleke / Software Engineer

Proficient in PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, pandas and Python.

Computational Chemist by education and keen Runner in my spare time.

Hobby Projects

FastAPI / SQLAlchemy Starter

A FastAPI starter project, set up with Docker for local development and slim production image.

Flask Dash App

Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications. This is a Flask project wrapping Plotly's Dash. Include multiple Dash apps in one Flask app.


Practical pandas

A non-comprehensive pandas tutorial focussing on data cleaning and transformation.

SQLAlchemy 2.0 style

This tutorial explores SQLAlchemy in the new 2.0 API using the Chinook database as playground.

From my Blog

pydash - a Swiss Army knife for Python

Posted September 4, 2022 ‐ 12 min read