Theodros Zelleke / Software Engineer

Proficient in PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, pandas and Python.

Computational Chemist by education.

Hobby Projects

Vue 3 Dashboard

This is a demo dashboard built with Vue 3, AG Grid, Formkit and Tailwind CSS. It lists Nobel Prize Awards and allows to filter by year and category and drill down to see the winners for each category.
View Online GitHub

Flask Dash App

Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications. This is a Flask project wrapping Plotly's Dash. Include multiple Dash apps in one Flask app.

Nobel Prize Report

Data analysis of Nobel Prize Awards with dbt and DuckDB. Static site report with evidence (BI as code). View Online GitHub

Jupyter Notebooks

Explorative data analysis in the Jupyter Notebook. Includes Jupyter notebooks related to data analysis and visualization.

From my Blog

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